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If you have ever wanted to experience an exciting and fulfilling profession in the medical field then becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse could be for you!

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Licensed Practical Nurses are in high demand and the need for them is growing. Not only are LPNs in demand, but the career path pays well and is a stepping stone towards other medical professions. With the large number of LPN schools across the country, there is no reason to delay. Take steps toward earning your Licensed Practical Nurse certification. Use our search tool to find the perfect school for you. You won’t regret it!

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LPN Programs Near Me works with partner schools all across the United States to match you with the best program in an area you choose. Simply scroll to our search form to the right (on desktop) or below this text (on mobile), fill out the information about your desired program, location, educational background, etc., and your information will be sent to one (or more!) of our carefully selected partner schools. It’s that easy!

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The Role of an LPN

What Does An LPN Do?

Monitor Patient’s Health

One of the core job duties of a Licensed Practical Nurse is to monitor the health of patients in their charge and report findings to the head nurse.

Provide Daily Care

In some situations, an LPN will be called upon to assist patients with their daily care or daily activities needs.

Assist With Procedures

As a Licensed Practical Nurse it will be within your duties to assist both physicians and other nurses with various medical procedures.

Administer Medications

Proper dosing and technique are only two of the many aspects of properly administering medications. An LPN will have to know them all!

* Bureau of Labor Statistics Information

Why Choose Licensed Practical Nursing?

Over $48,000 per Year

In 2021 the LPN median pay across the United States was over $48,000 per year. Cha-CHING!

9% Job Growth

Almost 64,000 new LPN jobs will be available in the coming years! You in DEMAND!

Rewarding and Fulfilling

Nursing can be among the most rewarding and fulfilling of all professions. All the FEELS!

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Licensed Practical Nursing


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