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LPN Programs in Connecticut

What Should I Expect from an LPN Program in Connecticut?

Licensed practical nursing programs in Connecticut are typically two-year programs that prepare students to take the NCLEX-PN licensing exam. LPN programs may be offered at community colleges, technical schools, and some hospitals. LPN programs generally include coursework in anatomy, physiology, microbiology, chemistry, nutrition, and psychology, as well.

LPN Classes in Connecticut

Classes in an LPN program will cover a wide range of topics related to patient care. Students can expect to take classes on topics such as anatomy, physiology, microbiology, chemistry, nutrition, and psychology. LPN programs also include coursework on medical ethics and legal issues.

Connecticut LPN School Locations

Connecticut’s State Requirements

The following are the requirements to get your license:

  • Complete an approved nursing program.
  • Schedule a test with Pearson Vue and pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).
  • Gain a license by applying to the state nursing board.

For those who have recently graduated from their PN program, they will need a temporary permit in order to work which is only good for 120 days. After passing their exam, licensure By endorsement is needed for LPNs moving from another state to Connecticut.

What are the Details of the LPN Exam in Connecticut?

The LPN exam in Connecticut is known as the NCLEX-PN. LPN candidates must pass this exam in order to be licensed to practice practical nursing in the state of Connecticut. The NCLEX-PN is a computerized, multiple-choice exam that tests LPN candidates’ knowledge of practical nursing concepts and skills. The application fee for the LPN license is $180, and the exam cost is $200. VUE administers both your eligibility verification and the examination.

What are the Regulating Bodies for LPNs in Connecticut?

The regulating body for LPNs in Connecticut is the Connecticut Board of Examiners for Nursing. The Board of Examiners for Nursing is responsible for issuing LPN licenses, as well as investigating complaints against LPNs. The contact information for the Connecticut Board of Examiners for Nursing is:

410 Capitol Ave
Hartford, CT 06115
(860) 509-7603
Connecticut Board of Examiners for Nursing Website

What Should I Expect Working as an LPN?

Working as an LPN in Connecticut can be both challenging and rewarding. LPNs in Connecticut work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and doctor’s offices. LPNs are responsible for providing direct patient care, as well as performing tasks such as taking vital signs and administering medication.

How Much Do LPNs Get Paid in Connecticut?

The average salary for LPNs in Connecticut is $62,620 per year or $30.11 an hour. LPN salaries vary based on experience, education, and location. LPNs in the top 10% of earners make $72,000 per year or more, while LPNs in the bottom 10% of earners make $51,970 or less.

Metro Employed LPNs Salary/Hour Salary/Year
Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk, CT                            2,060 $                             31.15 $                   64,790
Danbury, CT                               370 $                             29.74 $                   61,860
Hartford-West Hartford-East Hartford, CT                            2,860 $                             29.70 $                   61,780
New Haven, CT                            1,850 $                             30.20 $                   62,810
Norwich-New London-Westerly, CT-RI                               520 $                             29.08 $                   60,480
Springfield, MA-CT                            1,860 $                             30.96 $                   64,390
Waterbury, CT                               470 $                             30.33 $                   63,090
Worcester, MA-CT                            1,750 $                             30.85 $                   64,160