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LPN Programs in New York

What Should I Expect from an LPN Program in New York State?

Licensed practical nursing programs in New York State are designed to prepare students for a career in practical nursing. Programs typically last for about 12 months, and include both classroom and clinical instruction. Upon completion of an LPN program, students should be able to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN).

LPN Classes in New York

Most LPN programs in New York State will require students to take classes such as human anatomy and physiology, medical surgical nursing, maternal child health nursing, and psychiatric nursing. In addition to classroom instruction, students will also be required to complete clinical rotations in various healthcare settings. These rotations will give students the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have learned in the classroom to real-world situations.

LPN School Locations

New York’s State LPN Requirements

To become an LPN in New York, LPN candidates must first complete an accredited LPN program. LPN programs in New York are typically 12 months in length, and include both classroom and clinical instruction. Upon completion of an LPN program, LPN candidates must then pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN).

What are the Details of the LPN Exam in New York?

The LPN exam in New York is the NCLEX-PN. LPN candidates must pass this exam to become licensed practical nurses in New York State. The NCLEX-PN is a computerized, multiple-choice examination that tests LPN candidates’ knowledge of practical nursing. LPN candidates can prepare for the NCLEX-PN by taking LPN review courses offered by many LPN programs.

What are the Regulating Bodies for LPNs in New York?

The New York State Office of the Professions – State Board for Nursing is the regulating body for LPNs in New York. The Board of Nursing is responsible for LPN licensure, LPN education, and LPN discipline in New York. The contact information for the Office of Professions is:

Office of the Professions

State Board for Nursing
89 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12234
(518) 474-3817
Office of the Professions – State Board for Nursing Website

What Should I Expect Working as an LPN?

Practical nurses play an important role in providing care to patients in a variety of settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics. They typically work under the supervision of a registered nurse or physician and may provide direct patient care or perform tasks

How Much Do LPNs Get Paid in New York?

The average salary for LPNs in New York is $57,560 per year or $27.67 per hour. LPN salaries can vary depending on factors such as years of experience, geographic location, and type of employer. LPNs in New York typically earn more than LPNs in other states.

Metro Employed LPNs Salary/Hour Salary/Year
Albany-Schenectady-Troy, NY                            2,360 $                             24.91 $                   51,800
Binghamton, NY                               590 $                             23.94 $                   49,790
Buffalo-Cheektowaga-Niagara Falls, NY                            3,250 $                             24.90 $                   51,790
Elmira, NY                               210 $                             21.96 $                   45,680
Glens Falls, NY                               320 $                             23.66 $                   49,210
Ithaca, NY                               190 $                             25.11 $                   52,230
Kingston, NY                               280 $                             26.10 $                   54,280
New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA                          32,620 $                             30.31 $                   63,050
Rochester, NY                            2,630 $                             24.94 $                   51,870
Syracuse, NY                            2,140 $                             24.45 $                   50,860
Utica-Rome, NY                            1,050 $                             24.07 $                   50,060
Watertown-Fort Drum, NY                               360 $                             22.38 $                   46,540