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LPN Programs in Utah

If you’re considering becoming a licensed practical nurse (LPN), it’s important to know what LPN programs in Utah are available, what the requirements are, and what to expect once you’re a practicing nurse.

The following is an overview of LPN programs in Utah, including the requirements to enroll in an LPN program and the exams you’ll need to pass in order to become certified. We’ll also discuss some of the duties that LPNs typically perform and offer salary information for LPNs in Utah.

What Should I Expect From an LPN Program in Utah?

LPN programs generally last about a year and prepare students to provide basic nursing care under the supervision of a registered nurse (RN) or a doctor. During your LPN program, you’ll take a mixture of classes and clinical courses. You will be required to take a set of core classes, which will likely include topics related to:

  • Human Anatomy
  • Nursing Fundamentals & Terminology
  • Physiology
  • Nutrition
  • Pharmacology
  • Pediatric Nursing
  • Mental Health Nursing

In addition to your core classes, you will also be required to complete clinical rotations. Clinical rotations give you the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a real-world medical setting. You’ll likely rotate through a variety of medical settings, such as in hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and home health agencies.

LPN Schools in Utah

LPN programs can be found at many different types of schools, including community colleges, technical colleges, and online colleges. Find an accredited Utah LPN school in your area by using our list below:

How Do You Become a LPN in Utah?

In order to become an LPN in Utah, you’ll need to:

  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Complete an accredited LPN program
  • Pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN)
  • Apply for a license from the Utah Board of Nursing

Once you’ve met all of the above requirements, you’ll be able to apply for an LPN license from the Utah Board of Nursing. You’ll need to submit your application, along with the required fees, and you may be asked to provide additional documentation, such as your official transcripts from your LPN program.


The NCLEX-PN is a national exam that all LPN candidates in Utah must pass in order to become licensed. The exam is administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) and is used to ensure that new nurses have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide safe and effective patient care.

The NCLEX-PN is a computer-adaptive exam, which means that the difficulty of the questions adjusts as you answer each question. For more information on the NCLEX-PN exam, refer to our guide.

LPN Renewal in Utah

Your LPN license must be renewed every two years in order to continue practicing nursing in Utah. The renewal process is generally simple and can be done online. You’ll need to log in to your account on the Utah Board of Nursing website and submit your renewal application, along with the required fees.

You are also required to complete continuing education (CE) requirements as part of the renewal process. Currently, LPNs are required to provide documentation of one of the following every two years:

  • 400 hours of licensed practice work
  • 200 hours of licensed practice and 15 contact hours
  • 30 contact hours

Utah LPN Governing Bodies

The Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing (DOPL) is the primary governing body for LPNs in Utah. The Board is responsible for issuing and renewing licenses, as well as investigating complaints against licensed nurses. For questions, you can contact the board at:

(801) 530-6628
[email protected]

LPN Salary Information for Utah

The average salary for an LPN in Utah is $55,790 per year, which is higher than the national average salary for LPNs. LPNs also make an average hourly wage of $26.82 on average.

Salaries can vary depending on factors such as location, employer, and experience. For example, LPNs who work in hospitals tend to make more than those who work in nursing homes. LPNs with more experience also tend to make more than those who are just starting out.

Metro Employed LPNs Salary/Hour Salary/Year
Logan, UT-ID                                  70 $                             23.28 $                   48,430
Ogden-Clearfield, UT                               270 $                             27.71 $                   57,650
Provo-Orem, UT                               240 $                             25.28 $                   52,590
Salt Lake City, UT                               480 $                             29.02 $                   60,370
St. George, UT                                  90 $                             26.33 $                   54,770