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Indianapolis LPN Programs

Currently there are two practical nursing programs located in Indianapolis to help students gain the skills and knowledge necessary to pursue a successful career as a LPN:

  • Hondros College of Nursing
  • Ivy Tech

The following is a quick overview of the key differences between these two LPN programs. We have provided a more detailed summary of each programs including admission requirements, coursework. We encourage you to reach out to each to determine which makes the most sense for your schedule, career goals, and budget.

LPN ProgramNCLEX-PN Pass Rate*CostProgram DurationLocationWebsite
Hondros College of Nursing83%$17,93412 months3500 Depauw Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46268
Ivy Tech97%$6,7303 semesters: 45 credit hours50 W. Fall Creek Parkway N., Indianapolis, IN 46208

Hondros College of Nursing

Hondros College of Nursing offers the most comprehensive Practical Nursing program in Indianapolis, which is designed to prepare students for the NCLEX-PN exam.

In as little as 12 months, students can earn their diploma and begin their career in healthcare. During this program, students will receive 49 credits of coursework and clinical experience in their second term, so they can immediately apply their knowledge. They will also gain hard skills such as IV therapy training and licensure examination prep, as well as soft skills like communication expertise, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, professionalism, and enthusiasm to ensure they stand out in the field. Upon completion of this program, students will be eligible to take the NCLEX-PN® exam with the assistance of the Hondros College Nursing staff.

Class hours only take place during the daytime and this program is available at the Indianapolis campus near the intersection of Michigan Rd and I-465.

General Admission Requirements

  • Citizenship: Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and submit official government-issued documentation such as driver’s license, state ID, passport, or proof of citizenship.
  • Age: Applicant must be at least 18 years old upon starting the program.
  • Application: Applicant must complete and sign the admission application and pay the necessary fee.
  • Online Readiness: Applicant must complete the Student Online Readiness Survey and meet the technology requirements stated in the “Technology Requirements and Acceptable Use Policy.”
  • Education: Applicant must have a high school diploma or its equivalent and provide documentation in the form of a valid diploma, transcript, or other acceptable documentation issued by an authorized state education agency. International transcripts/documents require evaluation by a member of NACES or AICE.
  • Enrollment: Applicant must complete and sign the enrollment agreement and pay the applicable enrollment fees.
Program InformationDetails
NCLEX-PN Pass Rate*83%
Additional CostsApproximately $4,136 for textbooks, materials, and other fees
Program Duration12 months
Location3500 Depauw Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46268
Email[email protected]

Ivy Tech

The Practical Nursing Technical Certificate (TC) is an ideal program option for those looking for an inexpensive option to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) but are also interested in pursuing an associates degree. The program is offered in-person at the North Meridian Campus location just north of downtown Indianapolis.

The program provides education in both conceptual and technical nursing skills. In order to obtain the certificate, students must complete 45 credit hours; 12 of which are general education course credits including prerequisite courses such as Anatomy and Physiology I and English Composition I; 32 credits in nursing courses; and 1 Student Success credit. Graduates who successfully pass the NCLEX-PN exam will be eligible to obtain their LPN licensure and begin their career.

For Indiana residents who meet certain criteria such as having a high school diploma or GED/High School Equivalency, not having previously received a certificate in a Next Level Jobs eligible program or an associate degree or higher (bachelors, masters, etc.), this Practical Nursing program may be completely free through Next Level Jobs Indiana.

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will have gained proficiency in various competencies that Ivy Tech outlines as Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs). These PLOs include:

  • Providing quality patient-centered care
  • Utilizing evidence-based practice
  • Demonstrating effective communication skills with clients, families and members of the healthcare team
  • Cultivating critical thinking skills to make sound judgments and decisions in complex situations while understanding the legal implications of these actions
  • Working collaboratively with patients and other members of the healthcare team to create individualized plans of care based on patient assessment data and physiological/psychosocial needs
  • Recognizing ethical issues inherent within medical decision making; managing care across multiple settings while maintaining safe practices throughout transitions of care
  • Planning for contingencies related to client safety when implementing therapeutic interventions; demonstrating professional behaviors that demonstrate respect for diversity reflective of society’s values

Once the requirements for the Practical Nursing program are complete, graduates may apply for Ivy Tech’s LPN to ASN Transitional Track course of study if they wish to further their education. Credits earned from the Prior Nursing Certificate will “stack” into their Associate Degree so there is no need to retake any courses – making it easier for them to gain their Associate Degree faster.

General Admission Requirements:

Information Sessions:

  • Prospective students must participate in a Nursing Information Session or complete an online Nursing Information Session within 3 months prior to applying.
  • Completion of one Information Session fulfills the requirement for all Ivy Tech locations.
  • No reservation is required.

Required Testing and Documentation:

  • Complete the Knowledge Assessment if there are no previous college credits, ACT, SAT, or PSAT scores on file in the Registrar’s Office.
  • Complete all required remedial courses and co-requisites prior to admission to the program.
  • Score at the PROFICIENT level or higher on the ATI TEAS Test.
  • Submit a copy of high school transcript or High School Equivalency Exam (GED or TASC) test scores.

High School Transcript Requirements:

  • High school transcripts must include the date of graduation.
  • Current high school students who will graduate after the application close but before the class starts can apply without a transcript.
  • International students must provide official credential evaluation from a NACES-approved organization showing the equivalence of a U.S. high school diploma.

Prerequisite Transfer Credit:

  • Students seeking transfer credit for prerequisite courses completed at other colleges must submit transcripts from other colleges to the Registrar Hub for evaluation.
  • Submit external college transcripts at least one month prior to the application deadline to allow for adequate time for evaluation and processing.
Program InformationDetails
NCLEX-PN Pass Rate*97%
Program Duration3 semesters: 45 credit hours
Location50 W. Fall Creek Parkway N., Indianapolis, IN 46208
Email[email protected]

*NCLEX-PN Pass Rates are from the 2020 academic year.